With our Direct Mail service, we will print and send your letters, postcards, flyers, or catalogs to a targeted group of recipients. Direct mail can help businesses reach existing customers, potential customers, and increase brand awareness.

Our Pre-sort technology allows us verify address information and presort them following USPS requirements. Pre-sorting will reduce postage costs and improve delivery time for direct mail campaigns. Pre-sorting does require a minimum number of pieces per mailing and adherence to certain standards and regulations.

We provide quick turnaround and cost-effective direct mail services for your business. By utilizing the latest high-speed equipment available, we offer laser printing, inkjet addressing, label generation, machine labeling, machine insertion, as well as tabbing.

Direct Mail Marketing

Reach, connect, and retain your customers with our direct mail marketing services. Whether you are launching your first direct marketing campaign or have one in place, our services will take your campaign’s results to the next level.

Our direct marketing services are highly deliverable and cost-effective with our online database management system, Remote Control. We provide you with the tool needed for accurate data entry, targeted list procurement and thorough data cleansing. In order to ensure that your direct marketing campaign is effective, we will promptly follow-up with your customers. Lastly, we will provide you with detailed reporting on your campaign’s performance.

Rebates and Coupon Redemption

We offer fast and efficient coupon redemption services. Not only will your customer’s rebate request be addressed based on predetermined requirements, but it will also be aligned with your company’s brand. In fact, we never forget that we’re responsible for keeping your business’ reputation intact.

Kitting and Assembly

Our dedicated hand assembly team gives you the confidence to create any type of kit that your business needs. Due to our systematic QC-Check process, we always deliver kits of accuracy and quality. SVD’s cost-effective kitting services are available for assembling software packages, promotional materials, and any kind of ready-to-ship kit that you need. As a result, we will always meet your expectations by precisely packaging your kits and distributing them in a timely manner.

Point of Purchase

Remote Control makes each step of the order fulfillment process easy for you. As we receive real-time updates upon your point of purchase, we guarantee prompt distribution turnarounds.

Let us know how we can help with your Direct Mailing goals, call us at 510-477-9039 or click here to send us the details of your Direct Mailing project.