Company History

Silicon Valley — the Promised Land

George Demienne
George Demienne, CEO and founder of Silicon Valley Direct

Silicon Valley Direct was established on May 1, 1999, by George Demienne. The genesis of the name “Silicon Valley Direct” can be traced back to 1990 when George earned his Master of Science in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago. While still a college student, George aspired to relocate to the Bay Area, viewing it as the “Promised Land” due to its association with tech giants such as HP, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, and Apple.

Following the completion of his Master’s degree, George made the move to the Bay Area, marking the commencement of his enduring career in the fulfillment industry. Nine years later, in 1999, he inaugurated Silicon Valley Direct.

Anything and Everything Is Possible

Contrary to popular belief, George’s choice of naming the company “Silicon Valley Direct” was not based on its physical location. Instead, it was inspired by the attitude and energy encapsulated by Silicon Valley—a mindset where anything and everything is possible. For over 24 years, George has instilled this spirit into Silicon Valley Direct, making it a driving force behind the company’s ethos.

This founding philosophy has seamlessly permeated every member of the SVD team, fostering a natural and effortless approach that enables them to consistently execute tasks with efficiency and precision.